A Novel Method to Identify Autoantibodies against Putative Target Proteins in Serum from beta-Thalassemia Major: A Pilot Study

autoantibodies; biomarkers; globin gene; immune response; thalassemia.
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Afshan Sumera, Nur Diana Anuar, Ammu Kutty Radhakrishnan, Hishamshah Ibrahim, Nurul H Rutt, Nur Hafiza Ismail, Ti-Myen Tan, Abdul Aziz Baba

  • Biomedicines
  • 4.7
  • 2020 Apr 26;8(5):97.
  • Human
  • Sengenics
  • 循环系统
  • 贫血




Abnormal immune reactivity in patients with beta-thalassemia (beta-thal) major can be associated with poor prognosis. Immunome protein-array analysis represents a powerful approach to identify novel biomarkers. The Sengenics Immunome Protein Array platform was used for high-throughput quantification of autoantibodies in 12 serum samples collected from nine beta-thal major patients and three non-thalassemia controls, which were run together with two pooled normal sera (Sengenics Internal QC samples). To obtain more accurate and reliable results, the evaluation of the biological relevance of the shortlisted biomarkers was analyzed using an Open Target Platform online database. Elevated autoantibodies directed against 23 autoantigens on the immunome array were identified and analyzed using a penetrance fold change-based bioinformatics method. Understanding the autoantibody profile of beta-thal major patients would help to further understand the pathogenesis of the disease. The identified autoantigens may serve as potential biomarkers for the prognosis of beta-thal major.Keywords:autoantibodies; biomarkers; globin gene; immune response; thalassemia.
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